Thursday, 29 September 2016

Cops N Robbers - FPS unlimted resources

Cops N Robbers - FPS

Cops N Robbers - FPS unlimted resources
"Cops N Robbers - FPS" is a famous 3d pixel shooter game.

1. Multiplayer support: worldwide.(up to 12 players/5 regions:Global,EU,US,ASIA,JP/)
2. Singleplayer support: story mode(3 difficulty setting/Open Chapter-1 with 4 levels now.)
2. Weapon System(15+ weapons): AK47, M4, M87T, RPG, AWP, G36K, MP5KA5, UZI, M249, Desert Eagle, M67…
3. Skin System(28 + skins)
4. Maps: 10 + interesting maps.
5. Game Mode: Stronghold Mode & Death Match Mode & Killing Competition.
6. Profile System: (Weapon Equipping & SKin Set & Information & Reward).
7. Rewards: Killing Reward, Headshot Reward, God Like Killer Reward…(easy coins earning!)
8. Damage setting: (Head, body, leg) - Different position with different damage.
9. Growth System: Level, Rank, Reward.
10. Armor and health pack support in multiplayer.
11. Auto gift: receive gift box or coins.
12. Gift box: win the skins and weapons.

Download Link : Link

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