Friday, 30 September 2016

Contract Sniper Killer Shooter unlimted resources

Contract Sniper Killer Shooter

Contract Sniper Killer Shooter unlimted resources
Break into the pirate fortress to shoot each one of them right at head. Surf through the island to hunt for the assassins. Being the special Ops commander & expert sniper shooter you got a mission to clear the island occupied by pirates, using your sniper shooting skills.

Across the sea ranges, at a far land place natives of bank coast lived happily until a gang of Black Water pirates assassins dwell at nearby island with flag of skull and cross bones. ☠ Ruthless pirates terrorized sailors and seize over passing by cargo shipments, playing the bloody game of loot every now and then to the escort shores. The pirates have shook the waters with explosions of cannon fire and bombs to strain natives to not resist against. But now… Enough is enough!!!Hiking loot has gone exceed to the crucial level and finally make country dweller to call for a special covert shooter to fleet them from the affliction of pirates.

You are the contract sniper shooter signed up to take down Pirate Island. Move deep into the enemy island territory all guarded by pirates. Goal is simple but not easy! Shoot at sight every pirate seen before they get noticed of your existence there. Whatever you do, do it fast and accurately taking headshot to kill in just one shoot. Be ingenious enough, enemy will not wait for your next attack! Mission will be pass on a confirmed kill!
≻6 levels of immersive gameplay and stunning locations
≻Revolutionary 3D graphics clarity
≻Distant shooting in zoom scope view
≻FPS with sniper assault gun
≻Intense sound effects make up for gameplay

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